My Story

My name is Cyndi Rikert and I took control of my autoimmune condition, Hashimoto Thyroiditis, by changing my diet and lifestyle over a 2 year period. If I can do it…ANYONE can!

Looking back, I’m pretty sure my story started when I was under the age of 10, think 1980!  I was always having stomach and bowel issues. I had horrific medical tests done before I turned 7 years old. I couldn’t eat a food without thinking “will this make me sick?” I hate to share this, but I knew where every public bathroom was between my home, school, work, events, etc. Sad but true!

I started experiencing depression in high school and each year after it got worse and more debilitating. I had horrible acne, was overweight and ate the worse foods I could, by choice. It seemed like I always had some weird symptom or diagnosis, which would later be debunked. Can you scream FRUSTRATION???

Fast forward to 1996, when I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis after seeing the 4th Endocrinologist in Colorado. By this time, I was totally wiped out and trying to get pregnant. I finally was able to conceive and had the most beautiful baby girl in 2001. However, my health hit rock bottom after the first year of being a new mommy and it took me 15 years to take it all back!

I have struggled with my weight (and overall health) since 1977, my highest weight was 245. I was tired all the time, hated to shop for clothes, had weekly migraines, had excruciating pain in my hip and back for almost 2 years as well as a crazy variety of other symptoms over the years. I was also very embarrassed to be in public and felt horrible about myself and my body. I could never figure it all out and my medical professionals would tell me: “you are fat, go on a diet” or “you have no willpower” or “you will just have to live with this pain” over and over again!

I finally decided they could all just go to hell and I would figure this out on my own, which I have done for the last 2 years. I researched the web for months. I attended free online webinars. I followed total strangers on Facebook and Instagram to see what they were doing to help themselves. A somewhat professional stalker.

Then, in January of 2017 I decided to go back to school to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in order to help others with their health struggles and empower those who are ready to seek wellness through what they eat, drink and how they live.

As of September 2017, I have lost 62 pounds, decreased my total body inflammation-migraines-pains and overall wacky symptoms. I am able to walk, live, garden, skip and play!  This is what I want for YOU!

My Approach

I will listen, guide, empower and support your health concerns by modifying what you eat, how you eat and discussing some lifestyle modifications (sleep, stress, movement).

Make a GREAT decision for you….

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