Free 15 Minute Consultation

Unsure what package would be best for you? Have additional questions for me? Just want to talk to me to see if we can work well together? Chose this option to have a quick conversation about what Nutritional Therapy can DO FOR YOU!

Please email me at: to set this up.


Ready, Set, GO!

Have you already started eating clean and just need a little tune up or additional support? The Ready, Set GO package is right up your alley.

Ready, Set, Go Package: $199

This package includes:

  • Basic Health History/Questionnaire
  • 3-5 Day Food Journal Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
  • Personalized & Individual Nutrition Plan with a 45 Minute Phone/Zoom Consultation

**If you need additional support after 30 days, you can schedule a 30-minute phone/internet consultations: $65

Please email me at: to set this up.


One on One Monthly Package 

Do you want to feel better, have more energy and begin to THRIVE? You’ve come to the right place!

My One-On-One Monthly Plan helps you figure out what YOU need in order to transition to a healthier way of eating. We are all bioindividuals, so I will always keep this in mind when working with you. Just because something has worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

One on One Monthly Package: $299

This monthly plan includes:

  • Initial Health History/Questionnaire
  • Food Journal Analysis – Initial and Ongoing
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
  • Personalized Nutrition, Supplement and Lifestyle Plans
  • Weekly Discussion via Phone/Zoom (~45 minutes)
  • Email questions and concerns
  • Individual resources for YOU

There is a maintenance package (once a month check-in) for those who have successfully completed this monthly package after reaching YOUR goals.

Please email me at: to set this up.



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